UV-VIS-IR double beam spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV-3600

investigation of optical properties of materials;
• determination of size and concentration of nanoparticles in colloids;
• kinetic study of chemical processes in solutions;
• quantitative analysis of nano-scale inorganic and organic molecules based on absorption, transmission and reflection spectra;
• quantitative analysis of solutions of transition metal ions and organic compounds;
• identification of components in the matter, determination of their concentrations and identification of functional groups in molecules;
• study of electronic properties of nanomaterials.

• operation modes: spectrometric (registration of absorption spectra, transmission and reflection), photometric (measurement of one or more selected wavelengths, the construction of calibration curve using K-factor), kinetic (registration of change of measured value over time);
• analysis of liquids, powders, thin films, bulk objects;
• three photodetectors: PMT, InGaAs and PbS;
• spectral range: 185-3300 nm;
• resolution: 0.1 nm;
• photometric range: -6 to 6 Abs.

- scientific research;
- chemical and semiconductor industry;
- studying the characteristics of glass, optical coatings and thin films.

Додаткові аксесуари 
Приставка дифузійного відбивання ISR-3100 для аналізу тонких плівок, порошків та кристалів в спектральній області 220 – 2600 нм.
Тримач кювет TCC-240A з термоелектричним контролем температури в діапазоні 7 – 75 градусів по Цельсію. 

Nanoparticle Size Meter Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS

investigation of colloidal systems by dynamic light scattering;
• determination of assessment and polydispersion of nanoparticles;
• real time dynamic study of nanosystems;
• study of stability of colloidal systems and identification of impurities;
• measurement of zeta potential and molecular weight of nanoparticles and biomolecules;
• identification of oligomers.

• size range: 0.5-6000 nm;
• range of concentrations: 0.1 mg/ml - 40 % wt. /mass;
• maximal conductivity when measured zeta-potential: 200 mS / cm;
• range of molecular masses: 1x103 - 2x107 Da.

- scientific research;
- pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries.

FT-IR Specrometer Shimadzu IRAffinity-1

- Study of optical properties of materials;
- Quantitative and qualitative analysis of nanoscale inorganic and organic molecules using spectra of absorption, transmission and reflection;
- Identification and analysis of impurities in substances using Shimadzu libraries and the unique algorithm of data processing; 
- Quality control of pharmaceuticals based on a comparison of the intensities of characteristic areas of the spectrum.

Areas of use:
- Scientific research;
- Chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries;
- Archaeology.

- Modes: transmittance spectra registration, PPVO and reflection;
- Analysis of liquids, powders, thin films, and bulk objects;
- Detector: DLATGS;
- Spectral range: 7800-350 cm-1;
- Resolution: 0.5 cm -1.

Optional accessories:
- Adapter of diffuse reflection DRS-8000 to analyze powders and crystals.
- Adapter of disturbed total internal reflection MKII Golden Gate Single Reflection ATR System, which allows to analyze samples without special sample preparation in the spectral range of 600 - 5000 cm ^ -1.

Specrofluorophotometer Shimadzu RF-1501

- Quantitative and qualitative analysis of inorganic and organic substances;
- Identification of the components in the matter and determination of their concentrations.

Areas of use:
- Biological and biochemical research;
- Chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries;
- Environmental monitoring.

- Modes: Spectral (registration of emission and excitation spectra), and quantitative (determining the concentration of substances);

- Analysis of liquids, powders, and thin films;
- Spectral range of 220 - 750 nm;
- Resolution of 5 nm.