Нанодезінфектант DEFAS®

Towards the overcome antimicrobial resistance, we developed the laboratory technology for production of disinfectants and antiseptics  of the new generation (nano-disinfectants) based on synergy of known pruduct, Poly(hexamethyleneguanidine) (PHMG), with silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs). 
Competative anvantages of the DEFAS®:
- Ag NPs: 5-10 nm, concentration of 1-2 g/l;
- 15% PHMG;
- Various application forms: aqua- and non-aqua solutions, powder (includin colorless);
- Biocompatibility and safety for human;
- Broade range of biocide activity;
- High toxicity to microbes, viruses, and fungi, including strains not susceptible to conventional biocides.
We developed a technology for functionalization of paper surface by silver nanoparticles in order to provide it with biocidal and antiviral properties.
Such paper can be used for:
- bactericidal clothes;
- paper napkins;
- medical goods.