Ліпосомальні препарати, що містять кверцетин

Technological platform for liposomal drug development based on our novel proprietary method and know-how we created versatile technological platform for liposomal drug development which allows us to:

    -   produce liposomes in precise and well controllable manner;
    -   manipulate composition and size of liposome to optimize the safety and efficacy profile of drug formulations;
    -   design monodisperse, stable at storage and structurally perfect liposomes.


Lipoflavon® for injections and infusions

Lipoflavon® is the liposomal form of nanosized quercetin. Why quercetin? It has prominent antioxidant activity, protective effects against cardiovascular disorders, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-fibrinolytic, angioprotective, and anti-microbial activities. But it is not used in medical paractice bacause of very low solubility and bioavailability, as wellas instability to external factors. 


We were the first who have been able to create a liposomal formulation of quercetin. We remain the only who have confirmed the pharmacological activity of the liposomal quercetin in clinical practice. There are two dosage forms of Lipoflavon®, injection and eye drops.

Approved cardiotherapeutic indications for Lipoflavon® for injections and infusions:

   -   Non-ST elevated myocardial infarction
   -   Prevention of myocardial lesions in polychemotherapy of breast cancer
   -   Myocarditis
   -   Unstable and stable angina pectoris

Lipoflavon® eye drops 

We pay special attention to ocular drug delivery, because liposomal formulation is promising solution to surpass ocular barriers and side effects associated with conventional drugsб whereby liposomal eye drops may replace invasive mode of drug administration in near future.

Approved indications for Lipoflavon® Eye Drops:

   -   Corneal damage
   -   Inflammatory diseases of the eye anterior segment
   -   Post surgery corneal wounds (after cataract extraction, etc)
   -   Keratitis of different etiologies.